Non-Invasive Level Gauge on Pacific INEOS Belstaff

The ‘Pacific INEOS Belstaff’ is the latest ship to join the INEOS fleet.  The ship is the world’s first 99,000 CMB VLEC (Very Large Ethane Carrier) with type B tanks and is the largest VLEC in the world.

Built-in Jiangnan, China and operated by Pacific Gas, the Pacific INEOS Belstaff is made of approximately 18,000 tonnes of steel and 40,000 meters of piping. At 230m it is longer than two football pitches combined (8 basketball courts).

As the world’s first 99,000 CMB VLEC (Very Large Ethane Carrier) the vessel is fitted with type B tanks, a brand-new design for transporting ethane. The tanks allow optimization of vessel capacity, fitting closely to the external shape of the vessel.

In this application, Clients required an accurate and stable level measurement instrumentations on Ethane and Ethylene tanks.

Tank size: 15m(Length)*5m(height)

SKE Non-invasive level gauge best solves this application case.

It features a truly non-invasive sensing technique. When the magnetic probe is bonded to the bottom shell of the tank, an ultrasonic sound wave travels through the tank and reflects back from the media surface. The system calculates the height of the liquid, from the time taken for the signal to be received.

Installation and maintenance would be made under normal operation, no shutdown or empty tank required.