Non-Invasive Tank Level Measurement on Liquid Chlorine

//Non-Invasive Tank Level Measurement on Liquid Chlorine

One of our clients in fine chemical area. The core products of this chemical plant: Tetrachloroethylene, Monochloromethane, Trichloromethane, New refrigerant technology; Tetrafluoroethylene lining, Rubber lining, Plastic lining equipment, Anti-corrosion lining pipes.

The liquid chlorine will be vaporized under normal pressure, which has a strong irritating and corrosive effect to the eyes and respiratory system. It causes vagus nerve excitement and reflex cardiac arrest. In severe cases, pulmonary edema, coma, and shock may occur. Besides, Vaporized chlorine will burn and explode when mixed with other flammable gas under sunlight.

Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Level Gauge has great advantages in liquid chlorine tanks measurement:

  1. No leakage risk.

Due to it’s flammable and explosive property, leakage will bring great potential safety hazard. The external level meter uses the principle of sonar ranging, truly non-contact measurement. This solution requires no use of valves, connecting pipes, joints, drilling, and ensure no contact with the liquid chlorine inside the tank.

  1. Easy

The two-wire transmitter provides ultra-low-power signal processing while simplifies the wiring requirements. It saves both power and cable costs and being more conducive to safety and explosion-proof.

  1. Multiple calibrations

The side-mounted sensor at the equatorial area, assist in an accurate measurement by calibrating the real-time sonic velocity. When the level inside is below half scale, the temperature calibration automatically starts, keep ensuring the precision of the measurement result.

  1. Power Switching.

Blind zone is unavoidable due to it’s working principle, The higher the power, the larger the blind spot. To mitigate the impact of this shortage, SKE adopts an advanced automatic power algorithm, the power would be auto-switched by the level change. When the level inside is high, large power is required. While the level drop, small power would be pointed, which satisfies measurement needs while reducing the blind zone.