80GHz Radar Level Transmitter

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Project Description

80GHz Radar Level Transmitter


  • 80GHz Radar Level Transmitter
  • 80GHz Radar Level Transmitter

Your benefit

  • FM continuous wave (FMCW) technology.

  • Suitable for measuring liquid level and solid.

  • Strong penetration, suitable for high steam and  high dust applications.

  • The precision of 80GHz Radar Level Transmitter series is up to 1mm.

  • The setup is simple and the measurement can be achieved at least by setting two parameters.

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Working principle

Frequency modulation continuous wave (FMCW) technology is adopted in the object level meter of 80GHz radar level transmitter. The continuous wave with frequency variation is transmitted within a certain period, and the echo reflected by the object has a certain frequency difference with the transmitted signal. The distance information between the target and the radar can be obtained by measuring the frequency difference.
Radar level meter, as a new industrial level measuring instrument, has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, vacuum resistance, strong penetration, temperature, steam, dust and other effects.


Radar Level Transmitter can not only measure liquid level, but also measure solid level (including powder). 80GHz Radar Level TransmitterIt has good applications in different tanks: process tanks, reaction tanks, static tanks, dome tanks, flat-top tanks, spherical tanks, horizontal tanks, guide tubes, bypass tubes, agitator tanks.

Technical specifications

Model SK-R800-4
Application Especially suitable for strong corrosive medium
Frequency 80GHz
Measurement range 100m
Antennamaterial PTFE/PFA
Connection method Thread/Flange
Process temperature -40…+200℃
Process pressure -1…16 bar
Measuring deviation ±1mm
Beam angle
Transmitting frequency 78GHz ~ 80GHz
Signal Output 4…20mA/HART two-wire/four-wire system, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus,Modbus,protocol,485 Bus protocol


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