Project Description

80GHz Radar Water Level Sensor (Plastic Version)



  • 80GHz FMCW Radar

  • Open Channel Water Application

  • Measuring range: up to 15m

  • Accuracy:  Liquid ±2 mm

  • Narrow emitting angle: ±5°

  • PP Housing, without display

  • Bluetooth connection by Mobile APP

Working principle

Frequency modulation continuous wave (FMCW) technology is adopted in the object level meter of 80GHz radar level transmitter. The continuous wave with frequency variation is transmitted within a certain period, and the echo reflected by the object has a certain frequency difference with the transmitted signal. The distance information between the target and the radar can be obtained by measuring the frequency difference.
Radar level meter, as a new industrial level measuring instrument, has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, vacuum resistance, strong penetration, temperature, steam, dust and other effects.


This 80GHz Radar Water Level Sensor has been specially developed for the needs of the water/wastewater industry, The super lightweight (0.35kg) and fittings can be selected as needed and only require minimal effort to install. This end-to-end concept allows simple integration and fast maintenance – it also reduces spare parts inventories and production downtime.

80GHz Radar vs. Ultrasonic

When it comes to non-contact level measurement, both Ultrasonic and Radar are two of the most common types, while radar is divided according to a different frequency, namely: 26GHz, 80GHz, 120GHz. Those devices applied similar measuring principles, installation(from top to end), and for dealing with similar industrial applications. Each technology has varying degrees of success in different applications.

Ultrasonic level instrumentations are a cost-effective devices, which is suitable for some simple applications, but they’re not as reliable or accurate in changing or difficult environments. Most application don’t have the stationary product in a stable condition, it will be wise to select 80GHz radar over an ultrasonic device.

Ultrasonic Radar
Common Frequency 30 kHz, 240 kHz 80GHz
Microwaves Type Mechanical wave(Sound waves) Electromagnetic waves
Dust, condensation, buildup Huge influence No influence
Air temperature, pressure Huge influence No influence
Air density, and gas composition Huge influence No influence
Suitable Application Simple/stationary measurements (Exp: Water level) Nearly all types of level measurements

Mobile App

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OEM/Customize Service

SKE Measurement considers itself a solution provider and manufacturer. We offer maximum flexibility and a cost-optimised offer for our OEM customers.

What we could provide:

The range includes customized shell version/color, thread type(G-Thread/NPT Thread), Customized Software, prints, manual and catalog. If you are interested in installing at your side, Radar Module is available for sure.


Housing Version/Color

Broad LOGO Print


Technical specifications

Model SKR800W
Product Type FMCW Radar Level Transmitter
Application *Open channel water measurement

*Standard liquid measurement

Frequency 77GHz-81GHz
Measurement Range Liquid: 0.2m-15m (0.6 ft – 49 ft)
Accuracy ±2mm for liquid
Beam Angle ±5°
Material PP (polypropylene)
Process Connection Default Thread;

Thread and flange is customized

Process Temperature -40°C to 60°C (-40 to +140°F)
Process Pressure Normal atmospheric pressure
Signal output 4-20mA / RS485/Bluetooth
Power Two-wire DC 24V (22V~30V)
Protection IP67

Model SKR800N SKR800NS SKR800H
Product Type FMCW Radar Level Transmitter FMCW Radar Level Transmitter FMCW Radar Level Transmitter
Application *Simple liquid Measurement (exp: water)
*Standard liquid measurement (exp: Corrosive chemical)
*Simple solid measurement
*Simple Liquid Measurement
*small-sized antenna, lightweight
*Suitable for small-sized tank/vessel
*Standard Bulk Solid Measurement
*Large range water measurement
*Suitable for Narrow tank, silo, vessel.
Frequency 77GHz-81GHz 77GHz-81GHz 77GHz-81GHz
Measurement Range Liquid: 0.2-30m (0.6 ft – 98 ft)
Solid: 0.2-15m (0.6 ft – 49 ft)
Liquid: 0.2m-20m (0.6 ft – 65 ft) Solid: 0.2-60m (0.6 ft – 198 ft)
Liquid: 0.2-60m (0.6 ft – 198 ft)
Accuracy ±2mm for liquid
±5mm for solid
±2mm ±5mm for solid
±2mm for liquid
Beam Angle 1.5°
Antenna Material SS 304/Sealed PTFE SS 304/Sealed PTFE SS 304/Sealed PTFE
Process Connection Thread G 2 1/2 ;
Flange from DN80
Thread G 3/4 ;
Flange From DN32
Thread M130*2 ;
Flange from DN100
Process Temperature -40°C to +60°C (-40 to +140 °F) -40°C to +60°C (-40 to +140 °F) -40°C to +60°C (-40 to +140 °F)
Process Pressure Normal atmospheric pressure Normal atmospheric pressure Normal atmospheric pressure
Signal output 4-20mA/RS485(Modbus – RTU) 4-20mA/RS485(Modbus – RTU) 4-20mA/RS485(Modbus – RTU)
Power Two-wire DC 24V (22V~30V) Two-wire DC 24V (22V~30V) Two-wire DC 24V (22V~30V)
Explosion-proof Exdia II CT6Gb Exdia II CT6Gb Exdia II CT6Gb
SK-R800 80GHz Radar Level Transmitter (PP housing, no display)
Code Medium Type
W Water/liquid
Code Measuring Range(m)
0.2~15 8、15
Code Connection
G G Thread
F Flange
Code Temperature
N -40 – 60°C
Code Cable entry
M M20×1.5(F)
Code Electronics
T Two-wire 4…20mA
M Modbus
B Bluetooth wireless