Coriolis flow meter

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Project Description

Coriolis Flow Meter

  • Coriolis flow meter
  • Coriolis Flow Meter

Features and Benefits of Coriolis Flow Meter

  • Double U or double C type flow pipe design is better for measuring accuracy.

  • Provides integrated Mass Flow, Volume Flow, Density, Temperature measurement and the calculates the others relevant parameters

  • Easy on installation, no need rectifier, filter parts, no special requirements for installing direct pipe section.

  • It allows low range flow running, reducing pressure loss to keep high efficiency.

  • Not being influenced by ambient temperature.

  • The connected Transmitter can be exchanged for easy maintain.


Introduction to Coriolis Flow Meter

Coriolis flow meter is also known as Coriolis Mass Flowmeter (CMF) , MULTICOR.
It is a kind of flowmeter that directly measures the mass flow of fluid. It measures the mass of fluid flowing through the pipe by using the influence of coriolis effect on the vibration phase or amplitude of the two ends of the pipe.Compared with the volumetric flowmeter, mass flowmeter eliminates the influence of temperature, pressure, fluid state, density change and electrical conductivity, and has a natural high precision. It can also measure the density of fluid through resonance frequency, which is one of the development directions of flowmeter.

Coriolis flow meter is a precision flow measuring instrument based on the Coriolis principles, and has been applied in a lot of industries fields because of its unique principles and advanced technologies. In order to well use the Mass Flow Meter, meanwhile to show its furthers and functions, the users have to pay more attentions of the installation. It will affect the measured accuracy if you can not install it correctly, even the instrument doesn’t work well and normal because of the serious affection.

Coriolis flow meter

Model Selection Principle

  • In the applied fields of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter, the Max Flow rate is decided by pressure loss while the Min Flow rate is decided by measuring accuracy.
  • Before selecting the product, the client or user should firstly refer to this manual, using the size selection software provided by SKE, as well as the user should provide the relevant data such as accuracy, flow rate, pressure loss, density, viscosity, temperature, etc., which ensures the correct size selection and application.

Technical Parameters

  • Sensor
Diameter range Flow accuracy Accuracy of density Temperature range Process pressure Measuring tube material Transmitter
DN5-DN250 ± 0.15%,± 0.2% ± 2kg/m3 -40℃~350℃ ≤1.1Mpa 316L DPT100, IPT200
  • Transmitter
Power Output current Frequency output Communication Explosion-proof
24VDC/220VAC 4-20mA 0-10KHz RS485/HART/Modbus Exde [ib] II T6 Gb


Coriolis Flow Meter is widely used in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Rubber, Paper, Food and other industrial sectors, mainly for liquid flow measurement.

Coriolis Flow Meter
Coriolis Flow Meter
Coriolis Flow Meter
Coriolis flow meter