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Project Description

Non-Invasive level switch 


  • Non-Invasive ultrasonic level switch
  • Non-Invasive ultrasonic level switch
  • Non-Invasive ultrasonic level switch
  • Non-Invasive ultrasonic level switch
  • Non-Invasive ultrasonic level switch


  • High/Low Position alarm

  • Alarm position – At any place required. Not limited by fixed hole on the side wall.

  • Non-contact with the liquid inside.

  • No maintenance, not influenced by (exp: thick oil deposits).

  • No tank break in; Non-side drilling; No flange

  • No shutdown/empty tank during installation.

  • Local Alarm & Display/Relay output to PLC


Non-Invasive ultrasonic level switch

The Non-Invasive level switch is a new type of liquid level monitoring and alarming device. It is mainly used to monitor the liquid level of the storage tank, realize the upper and lower limit alarm or monitor whether there is a medium in the pipeline (dry state protection). It can be applied to the liquid level process control of medicine, petroleum, chemical industry, power, food, and other industries.


The sonar pulse generated by the sensor (probe) of the Non-Invasive level switch can pass through the container wall. This pulse will propagate in the container wall and liquid and will be reflected back. Through the detection and calculation of this reflection characteristic, it can be judged whether there is liquid in the container at the monitoring point. the level switch can output relay signals to PLC, SIS, etc,  so as to realize the monitoring or control of liquid level on the system.

Specialized for Difficult Application

The duty of the Non-invasive Level Gauge SK-WY02 is to directly measure the liquid level height, through the probe sensor installed at the bottom of the tank wall. It sounds like a perfect plan, but the working conditions required are relatively strict. At that time. The non-invasive level switch becomes the first choice in the most difficult conditions.

  • Tank with Mixed Media(liquid/solid/gas)

When there are layers of media with different properties in a tank (liquid/gas/solid), it brings particular difficulties to measure the heights of different media separately. Like the cases below.

Medium: Sand, Water, Gas.

Requirement: get the Sand level and clean up regularly(by valves)

In this application, it’s not available to directly measure the sand level value through SK-WY02. Here the level switch becomes a solution when the sand level reaches a certain height, the switch send out an alarm, time for clean up.

  • Tank Without Hole to Install Gauge/Switch

When the tank wall has no holes or flanges position, especially on pressure vessels, traditional level gauges or switches alarm devices are failed to be installed.

At this time, the non-invasive level switch becomes the best solution. by installing sensor external at the tank wall(side), while the installation positions are not limited, just according to your requirements.

Application: measure water level in our Acetylene generator. without any port to insert sensors in the vessel.

Acetylene gas on top, water at the bottom.

  • Thick Medium(Heavy Oil/Crude Oil)

Nearly all types of switches failed to avoid failures or false alarms due to medium accumulation/deposits, especially when dealing with viscous liquids.

The non-invasive level switch, by applying the sensor externally at the tank wall, 100% no-contact with the liquid inside, never affected by (exp: thick oil deposits).

Application: Level switch(high alarm) on Crude oil tank.

Technical specifications

Power DC 24V
Signal Output Relay Output (passive node)
Relay capacity (DC 30V 6A ) 、( AC 250V 6A)
Repeatability error ±5mm
Container Wall Thickness Max 60mm
Container Material Steel, stainless steel, glass, non foaming plastic and other dense materials
Measurable medium Pure liquid, emulsion liquid, suspension liquid
Ambient temperature -20℃~+70℃
Ambient humidity (0%~95%) RH
Rated Power 3W
Transmitter Material Cast Aluminum
Protection Rating IP67
Electrical Connector M20 X 1.5
Hazardous Area Approval ExdIICT6
Weight  2 KG
Dimension Length158mm×Width122mm×Height148mm


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