Portable Level Gauge

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Project Description

Portable Level Gauge


Portable Ultrasonic Level Gauge

  • Portable Level Gauge
  • Portable Level Gauge
  • Portable Level Gauge


  • No need contact the liquid, no need drilling the tank, Safe for any harmful liquid and suitable for any sealed tank.
  • To find the level of liquid or liquefied gas in
  • Convenient to carry
  • Easy Trial run and Maintenance no need stop the work.
  • Auto-diagnosed and collation.
  • Video display and remote on the measuring value.



The portable level gauge is a non-contact measurement portable liquid level gauge developed by our company for movable containers, which is powered by a lithium battery and easy to carry. With the principle of sonar ranging, the portable gauge realizes the complete isolation measurement, breaks the traditional open tank contact measurement mode, and realizes the real non-contact measurement of the liquid level in the closed container. The safe and reliable, low dead zone, high precision. It is suitable for measuring all kinds of small storage tanks under 6 meters, Best Solution for the engineering safety inspection, small MOCVC containers, and small fuel tanks level measuring.

Portable Level Gauge is a portable ultrasonic liquid level gauge designed for closed oil and chemical storage tanks, as well as other unconventional storage tanks, which can accurately, quickly, and reliably detect the liquid level.

  • Portable Level Gauge

Portable Ultrasonic Level Gauge

The Portable Ultrasonic Level Gauge is in use everywhere where the level of liquids in tanks has to be measured continuously and contactlessly. Application possibilities for Ultrasonic gauges can be found in almost all areas of industry. Sewage treatment plants and water purification plants in particular, but also other environmental engineering facilities as well as power generating stations now rely on cost-effective Ultrasonic sensors for continuous level measurement.

Measured medium

Butadiene Propylene LPG Propane
Liquid ammonia Methyl alcohol Methylbenzene Butadiene
 98% Sulfuric acid Diesel Gasoline Naphtha
Liquid chlorine Iso-butane Epoxypropane Acetone
Sulfuretted hydrogen Styrene N-butane Xylene
Silicon tetrachloride Tert-butylamine Chloroform Acetaldehyde
Hydrogen fluoride Hydrofluoric acid Butane Hydroxy nickel

Technical specifications

Max Measuring range 6 m
Max Thank   Thickness 30 mm
Preview   resolution 30 m
Repeatability in   short time 30 m
Measuring error ±5‰FS
Transfer volume ±100m
Frequency range 1000k
Signal output (4~20 )mA, HART, MAX 500Ω
Communication RS-485, IR, HART
Environment   temperature in using lever gauge -20℃~+70℃,-40℃~+70℃
Environment   temperature in using probe -50℃~+100℃,60℃~330℃
Ambient humidity (0~100%)RH
Explosion-proof sign Exd II CT6
Enclosure   protection grade IP67
Power supply DC 24V
The cable length   from probe to main engine 5m,10m,15m,20m,25m,30m
Weight of   mainframe 1.5KG
Size of mainframe 217mm(length)*160mm(width)*185mm(height)
The diameter of   the base hole in mainframe 6mm


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