Project Description

Portable Level Transmitter


SKE portable level transmitter is designed to offer a simple, accurate, rapid, and reliable method of Liquid level measurement.

It features a truly non-invasive sensing technique.

When the magnetic probe is bonded to the bottom shell of the tank, an ultrasonic sound wave travels through the tank and reflects back from the media surface. The system calculates the height of the liquid, from the time taken for the signal to be received.

Signals from the transducers are fed into the processor, then indicate the level on the LCD.


  • Portable for walk-around check

  • No coupling agent required

  • Real-time display

  • No moving parts

  • External Measurement, 100% Safe

Working Principle

The sonar wave signal is emitted from the probe sensor, and the echo signal is detected after being reflected form the liquid surface.

The echo signal is processed by the SKE algorithm then calculate the time “t”, and the system calculates the liquid level according to the formula:

H: The height of the liquid level

t: The time taken by the sonar wave from launch to return

tg: The transmission time of the sonar wave in the tank wall

v: The speed of sonar wave propagating in liquid

α: Correction factor

Non-invasive Level Gauge

The Non-invasive level gauge is in use everywhere where the level of liquids in tanks has to be measured continuously. Application possibilities for radar gauges can be found in almost all areas of industry. Sewage treatment plants and water purification plants in particular, but also other environmental engineering facilities as well as power generating stations now rely on cost-effective radar sensors for continuous level measurement.

Measured substance

In general, the dynamic viscosity of the measured medium is required to be less than 10 MPa. S. When 10 MPa. S < dynamic viscosity < 30 MPa. S, the measure range may be reduced and the blind area may be increased. It cannot be measured when the dynamic viscosity is > 30 MPa. S. (1 MPa. S = 1 CP). There should be no dense bubbles in the liquid; there should not be a large number of suspended substances in the liquid, such as crystals; there should not be a large number of sedimentary substances in the liquid, such as mud and sand. The temperature of the measured medium shall be within – 50 ℃ ~ 100 ℃.

Butadiene Propylene LPG Propane
Liquid ammonia Methyl alcohol Methylbenzene Butadiene
 98% sulfuric acid Diesel Gasoline Naphtha
Liquid chlorine Iso-butane Epoxypropane Acetone
Sulfuretted hydrogen Styrene N-butane Xylene
Silicon tetrachloride Tert-butylamine Chloroform Acetaldehyde
Hydrogen fluoride Hydrofluoric acid Butane Hydroxy nickel

The probe sensor must be clamped directly under the container.
This ultrasound liquid level meter can be used on the storage tanks, cylinders, and any Single Layer holding vessel made of Hard Materials.

– For magnetic containers(exp: carbon steel), it is bonded by a magnet, hand-free use.
– For non-magnetic vessels(exp: stainless), use hands to clamp it tightly on the wall.

Container (Tank/Vessel) *Single Layer Vessel only, Wall thickness<25mm

*The Tank wall must be made of Hard Materials
Exp: hard metals, FRP, hard plastics, hard rubber, etc

*No solid obstructions inside the tank from the probe to the liquid surface.
(Exp: coils, partitions, leakage plates, etc.)

Liquid *Dynamic viscosity < 10 mPa.S. (or cP, 1cP = 1mPa.s)

*The liquid has no large amounts of precipitation, crystals, and dense bubbles inside.

Temperature  -45℃~80℃
Max Measuring Range 5m
Blind Spot 30mm for Ideal working condition
Max Tank/Vessel Wall Thickness 25mm
Liquid Viscosity Requirement <10 mPa.S
Repeatable Measurement Error ±10mm
Ambient Temperature for Display -20℃ ~ +70℃ (-4℉ ~ 158℉)
Ambient Temperature for Probe -45℃ ~ +80℃ (-49℉ ~ 176℉)
Environment Humidity (0%~95%)RH
Display Resolution 128×64
Power Supply 3.7v Lithium Battery
Charge USB
Operating Hours >12h
Meter Dimensions 160*80*26mm
Cable Length 1.5m
Unit Weight 1.5kg