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Our commitment to you is to support, to service and to optimize your process. Whatever your location or your industry, our global service force of over 30 experts is strategically located worldwide ensuring active local presence to help you reach your goals. Based on our process knowledge and technical expertise, a uniform approach through clear procedures ensures that the work we conduct for you is done properly. Customized responses can also be adapted to your needs, contact us today.

Quick Support from Technical Experts

Setup and commissioning

Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Level Gauge


Final debugging


Agency and Distribution

We welcome companies with channel advantage in a certain region or who are interested in our products to join us as our agents or distributors.

Often a business will need to consider whether to appoint a distributor or an agent to sell its goods and services, particularly in overseas territories. Local distributors and agents frequently have valuable knowledge and relationships that are hard for a business to replicate where it has no, or only a limited presence, in a particular territory.

We are very experienced in dealing with the appointment of distributors and agents, whether from the perspective of the principal making the appointment, or from the point of view of the individual distributor or agent. Where such arrangements concern activities outside of China, we can call upon our network of international partner firms to provide local advice.

We will provide comprehensive service and support to the companies we cooperate with.


Safe, fast and efficient

Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Level Gauge
Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Level swich
Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Level Gauge