Tank Level Measurement

Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Level Gauge

External mounting for fast and safe deployment.

No reliance on any existing mechanical gauges.

No need to open or drill your tank.

80GHz Radar Level Transmitter

80GHz Radar Level Transmitter

FM continuous wave (FMCW) technology.

Suitable for measuring liquid level and solid.

Strong penetration, suitable for high steam and high dust applications.

Portable level gauge

Portable Level Gauge

No need contact the liquid, no need drilling the tank.

Convenient to carry.

Safe for any harmful liquid and suitable for any sealed tank.

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Tank Level Measurement Solution

SKE Measurement manufacture & R&D Level Instrumentation for liquid bulk storage/tank terminal since 2013.

Through personalized attention and superior responsiveness, SKE takes pride in being a company our customers like to do business with. We gain trust by providing customers both the highest quality products and services.

Till now, we’ve helped 500+ Refinery, Fine Chemical, Petrochemical Corps. of SINOPEC in China, more than a dozen global clients in factory construction, renovation, Instrument Renew Projects, resulting in cost-saving, safety assessment approved.

Core competence/products:

* Self-developed Non-invasive sensing technique

* 80GHz Radar Level Measurement Solution

Non-Invasive Tank Level Measurement Solution

Non-invasive Level Gauge

Non-invasive Level Gauge

Non-invasive level switch

Non-invasive Level Switch


Portable Level Gauge

Radar Level Measurement Solution

80GHz Radar Level Transmitter (FMCW)

80GHz Radar (FMCW) Level Transmitter

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